Japan is AI paradise


We usually have to obtain the consent of copyright owners if we copy and use it.

However in Japan the clause of limitation on the copyright, article 47-7 allows the work to be copied for the sake of the anlystic purpose in pricipal.

You can visit Japan to do anlystic search via artificial intelligence if your country does not allow it.

Amened Personal data protection act will be effective on May 30, 2017


Amened version contained ablishment of exemption of small and midium size companies, so all of the companies  need to comply with this new law. This amendment also clarified that companies can use as big data the anonymous data after making personal data unlinked to the specific person.

Tokyo Special Economic Zone – Part 1 Advantages for Entrepreneur

Tokyo Special Economic Zone – Part 1 Advantages for Entrepreneur

From our previous posts regarding starting business in Japan, we have highlighted the main difficulties that entrepreneurs face when they attempt to set up a company in Japan.

On January 29, 2016, the Program to Increase Foreign Entrepreneurs was officially launched by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG). Under this program, prospective foreign entrepreneurs who meet specific criteria are eligible for a 6-month preliminary business manager visa.

This 6-month visa can be granted before the incorporation of company which provides the eligible person better access and resources in completing the procedures required.

The eligible person’s progress is monitored and assessed by TMG and failure to finish incorporation and operate the business would result in non-renewal of visa once the initial 6-months visa expires.

The usual conditions required for business manager visa are still the same for the eligible person, however, having a 6-months in Japan have various advantages for entrepreneurs who don’t have a Japanese collaborator.

Entrepreneurs who wants to be cost-efficient can now perform various tasks themselves without the need to hire an agent. For example:

Opening the Company’s bank account

Ordering the Company stamp

Securing the Company premise

Market research and promotions

The program has been expanded since its launch to cover the whole of the Tokyo area and well as the establishment of the Tokyo One Stop Business Establishment Centre.

The Business Development Center Tokyo (BDCT) and the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center both provide resources and support to entrepreneurs on matters such as labour, health and pension insurance, immigration and taxes.

As of October 2016, the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Centre also has a notary service that provides certification of Articles of Incorporation.

Although this program is still under development, it is a good starting point for foreigners who would like to set up business in Tokyo, especially those who already living in Tokyo.


Permission for Permanent Residence

Recently, Japan Government stated that they have intention to ease the restriction on the issuance of permission for permanent residence.

Currently, in principal 10 years’ residence in Japan is required to apply such permission with some exceptions including 5 years residence by persons who contribute Japan.



On the contrary to this current system, Japan might adapt 3 years residence requirement which might be imposed on persons who contribute Japan.

Japan is willing to accommodate highly skill professionals. http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/newimmiact_3/en/index.html

The easement of permission of permanent residence is one of the extension of  this measurement.

AILAW Featured in Attorney’s Magazine

An interview featuring Akasaka International Law was recently published in Attorney’s Magazine (Japan).

Thank you Attorney’s Magazine.

Media: Attorney’s Magazine 2016.01.01, Vol. 49, Style of Work – Vol. 88, p16-17.

Title:   “Richly Diverse and Novel International Law Firm Explores Solutions for English, French and International Dealings, as well as Venture Support” (In Japanese: 英・仏語圏国際取引、ベンチャー支援など多様性富む新た法律事務所在り方を模索)

“My Number” Update

“My Number” Update

Japan’s new Social Security and Tax Number System – My Number, has come into effect as of January 1, 2016.

As previously detailed before its inception on this blog, the My Number system is required that every citizen and foreign resident of more than 3 months is issued a 12-digit individual number in which to identify them for social security a tax purposes. The number is also intended to be used to manage information efficiently in the field of disaster management and to verify personal information.

“Personal Information Protection Commission”

To coincide with the commencement of the My Number system, the independent administration commission authorized to monitor and regulate this new system under the My Number Act was renamed the “Personal Information Protection Commission” (formerly the “Specific Personal Information Protection Commission”) as of January 1, 2016.

This change was decided with the promulgation of the Amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“APPI) in September last year. This new title highlights the commission’s added responsibility to monitor and regulate the handling of personal information under that Act.

The APPI encompasses an extensive amendment to the original act, incorporating such changes as: clarifying the definition of personal information, creation of restrictions on the use of personal information and so on. According to the amendment the commission is tasked with drafting the necessary guidelines to reflect the APPI, as well as reporting enforcement functions and issuance of administrative orders. This responsibility will come into fruition two years from the date of promulgation (September 9, 2015).

More information on the Commission can be found on their website, also available in English here.

Jasrac and Avex Compete


New comer Avex is challenging the monopoly previously held by Jasrac.

Jasrac is an acronym for the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, which is one of the current leading Japanese copyright collection societies.


Previously, Jasrac maintained a de facto monopoly over copyright collection in relation to music. However, recently the Supreme Court confirmed that Jasrac’s conduct had influence to expel activities of other copyright collection companies.


This circumstance remind me of NTT, which once had a monopoly over telecommunication services. Third parties have since intervened and as a consequence the market has changed dramatically.

It is time to accept new innovation and I would be glad to assist such innovations in this domain.

Investment Agreement

I thought that it was common for ventures to be familiar with each clause of an investment agreement. However, you will see that it is dependent on the investor’s wishes.

If the person in charge for the side of investors is an employee, this person needs to have accountability to supervisors and other shareholders if such an investment fails. On the contrary, if this investor is the owner of the CVC, then they know that if the venture fails any of clauses will not work well for investors.

Please look at the key person so that you will see what you need to do.

Regulation for Health Care Software Programs: Part 4


If your product is within the scope of the Law Concerning the Establishment for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, you will face the difficulties.

If you want to import medical devices or medicine, you will need to obtain many permits in addition to the compliance with indication duty.

Other relevant laws:

Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act

Industrial Standardization Act

Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations

Unfair Competition Prevention Act