Changing the environment in Japan and creating an ecosystem for venture

  1. Currently, our atmosphere in Japan is not inducive to enabling people to take risks. People are afraid to take risks in order to pave the way against a difficult future such as aging problems and competition with emerging countries.
  2. My purpose is to help create an ecosystem for venture in Japan. Regardless of nationality, we should accommodate ventures to boost innovations in Japan.
  3. Israel is one of the leading innovative and risk-taking countries in the world. We believe mutual collaboration between Japan and Israel may facilitate healthy and peaceful innovation for the World, which may eventually contribute to World peace.

Last night I met with Mr. Boaz Golany, Vice President at Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Mr. Golany is currently in Japan and is working to create a Technion Open Innovation Center at the University of Kyoto. I enjoyed our engaging conversation and hope that we might be able to collaborate to achieve my above aims. According to him, in order to boost startups, he offered the following points:

  • Set deadlines
  • Respect team work
  • Take and respect leadership
  • Work with limited resources
  • Enjoy the uncertainty
  • Take risks

It was really meaningful for me to meet with him.


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