Jasrac and Avex Compete


New comer Avex is challenging the monopoly previously held by Jasrac.

Jasrac is an acronym for the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, which is one of the current leading Japanese copyright collection societies.


Previously, Jasrac maintained a de facto monopoly over copyright collection in relation to music. However, recently the Supreme Court confirmed that Jasrac’s conduct had influence to expel activities of other copyright collection companies.


This circumstance remind me of NTT, which once had a monopoly over telecommunication services. Third parties have since intervened and as a consequence the market has changed dramatically.

It is time to accept new innovation and I would be glad to assist such innovations in this domain.

Investment Agreement

I thought that it was common for ventures to be familiar with each clause of an investment agreement. However, you will see that it is dependent on the investor’s wishes.

If the person in charge for the side of investors is an employee, this person needs to have accountability to supervisors and other shareholders if such an investment fails. On the contrary, if this investor is the owner of the CVC, then they know that if the venture fails any of clauses will not work well for investors.

Please look at the key person so that you will see what you need to do.